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Neuroengineering medical group from UMH


The research line of medical informatics of the group nBio works on the development of application and devices for the health field. This line is led by  Jose Maria Sabater-Navarro and our expertise is on the application of expert systems (neural network, fuzzy logic, …) to health applications.

From our starting with the development of  Babytouch, where we explore the haptic capabilities to explore 3D ultrasound images, we have develop several applications that combine the medical image processing with our knowledge on expert systems;  iProstate, iDuctal, iThyroid and other.

Currently we develop applications and apps for controlling the robotic devices of nBio group, as: rosetta, imhotep, puparm,…, and many other medical apps on IOS and Android.

medical informatics


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José María Sabater-Navarro

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