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CAM00510 Ensamblaje mesa cirugía SolidWorks CAM00605

The surgical robotics team of the nBio group is led by  Jose Maria Sabater-Navarro and our  expertise is on:

  • Research on robotic devices for minimally invasive surgery (MIS).
  • Development of haptic devices to control and feel the forces of the robotic devices.
  • Development and programming of advanced surgical simulators.
  • Research on medical image processing.
  • Development of software for medical image. Ultrasound image. .
  • Surgical navigation.

Our work has allow us to develop simulators with tissue deformation, haptics and 3D rendering. We have also develop new haptic devices like Rosetta, surgical robots like Imhotep.

surgical robotics

The nBio group also collaborates actively with the activities of the Sociedad Española de Cirugía Asistida por Ordenador (SECAO).

We collaborate, among others, with: