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Neuroengineering Biomedical group from UMH

Introducing nBio…


nBio, the Biomedical Neuroengineering Research Group at UMH focuses its research interests on medical and surgical robotics, rehabilitation and assistive devices, regenerative medicine, visual neuro-prostheses, medical image, human-robot interaction, development of devices capable of two-way interaction with the nervous system (recording and stimulation), in vitro and in vivo biocompatibility studies, neuroimaging and brain plasticity.

The group is a multidisciplinary group composed of specialists in various fields such as engineering, computer science, robotics, medicine, etc. Its main aim is the design and development of devices and robotic systems that may help to improve the cognitive and communicative ability, the health and physical ability of people suffering from motor and sensory disabilities. In particular, nBio has long-term expertise in surgical robotics, rehabilitation robotics, analysis and processing of biosignals, multimodal interfaces, including brain-machine interfaces.

The research group is the coordinator of multiples European and national projects related with the development of devices capable of two-way interaction with the nervous system, rehabilitation robotics, human-machine interfaces, surgical robotics, multimodal interfaces, brain machine interfaces and control and design of robotic devices.

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For more information about the resources, facilities and expertise of nBio, you are invited to visit our Group Profile webpage.

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