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Neuroengineering medical group from UMH

Undergraduate Student       

Universidad del Cauca Calle 5 No. 4 – 70.

(Popayán, Colombia)

E-mail: –

Phone: + 34 685 253 211. + 57 317 643 2143

Academic studies, qualifications and work experience

(2013 – Present) Industrial Automation Engineering Student. Universidad del Cauca, Popayán, Colombia.

(2017) Volunteer Instructor. Educational Robotics Program (Red Experimenta y Comparte del Cauca), Popayán, Colombia.

my research interests are on:

  • Medical Robotics; assistive technology, rehabilitation technologies, soft and compliance robotics.
  • Medical informatics; applications and apps for diagnosis, control and medical visualization. Diabetes control.

Current research projects:

  • 2018: Type 1 diabetes mathematical model integrated to a closed loop insulin regulation system. Role: Researcher.



Av. de la Universidad s/n

José María Sabater-Navarro

Tlf: +34