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Neuroengineering medical group from UMH

Under construction


This V2 version is built using a CC2650 TI launchpad and a Solutions Cubed breakout


  1. TI CC2650 launchpad.
  2. Solutions Cubed BM019 breakout. 


  1. hex file for the launchpad “nBridge.hex” 
  2. GlucoGuard app for testing the communications.


  • Install the software:- Smart RF Flash Programmer 2*Texas Instrumens account is required to download the program. If it is not available it must be created. After accept all necessary permissions a «.zip» file is downloaded and must be unzipped to install the program.


  • Make the connections:


* VDD and SS0 from NFC module are linked together.


  • Download firmware “nBridge.hex” here.
  • Connect USB from LaunchPad to PC.
  • Load the firmware with Smart RF Flash Programmer 2:
    • Select the XDS110 programmer in the left panel. V2-imagen6 V2-imagen5 * Before the first use of the programmer, it may be necessary to update the firmware.V2-imagen6V2-imagen6
    • Select the CC2650 microcontroller. V2-imagen8
    • Look for the downloaded «.hex» file in the directory where it was saved. V2-imagen9
    • Check Erase and Program options from the action panel. Specify to delete only the pages used by the image and load the entire source file. V2-imagen10
    • Finally select the RUN button. V2-imagen11 * In the process the flash memory will be erased and the image registers will be written. V2-imagen12
  • When the process finish the device will be ready for use.


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