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Neuroengineering medical group from UMH

This V1 version is built using an Arduino Uno R3, a NFC Solutions Cubed breakout and an Adafruit BLE  module. This version was built to check the performance of the modules for NFC and BLE communications. The NFC reading allows you  to dump the tag memory using Matlab.

We always use outdated FSL tags. Do not use with currently being used tags, as the NFC communications could damage the tag.

v1imagen1 V1imagen12


  1. Arduino uno R3.
  2. Solutions Cubed BM019 breakout. 
  3. Adafruit BLE nRF8001. 
  4. A breadboard (or the hand-made shield described in v1shield . Here we provide the Eagle files)
  5. 4 resistor 1.0k
  6. 4 resistor 2.0k
  7. (optional) The stl files for the plastic case.

v1imagen2 v1imagen3 v1imagen4 v1imagen5 v1imagen6


  1. .ino files for the Arduino Uno: leerFSL2.ino , FSLtoMatlab.ino
  2. Library for the Arduino sketch: NFCReader
  3. .m file for reading the serial port with Matlab: leerFSLtxt1.m
  4. Eagle files for the hand-made shield: v1shield
  5. .stl files for the plastic case:


  • Make the necessary connections.
    • option 1. Using a breadboard. Use the schematics of the tutorial  for connecting the NFC breakout to the Arduino Uno. You will need the resistors to build a voltage divisor. v1imagen7
    • option 2. Using the hand-made shield. Note. This shield was prepared for the UNO R3 version of Arduino. The code for the .ino files use the pin configuration of the shield. The Eagle files for this shield are provided.v1imagen8 v1imagen9
  • Connect the Arduino to the computer and open the Arduino IDE.
    • Put the libraries for NFCReader on your libraries folder.
  • Load one of the next experimental sketches:
    • Loading the leerFSL2.ino file you will be able to dump the whole memory of the FSL tag. v1imagen10
    • Loading the FSLtoMatlab.ino file you will be able to read the data from Matlab, using the leerFSLtxt1.m script. Note that you have to change the port number in the Matlab script.   v1imagen11

Additional material.

  1. Tutorial for NFC communication with the arduino.
  2. Datasheet of BM019. DATASHEET_BM019
  3. Tutorial for BLE with the arduinio. getting-started-with-the-nrf8001-bluefruit-le-breakout



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